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An idea was born

For builders who want to deliver better projects, BuildVue provides a software app that is easy to use and was designed from scratch with builders in mind.

The idea of a software app to help builders came to the founders while on a construction project in Spain. They witnessed a friend of theirs, Carl, who was completely stressed out by the building project they were on. So stressed out that it was affecting his mental health. Carl didn’t know what tasks had been completed on the project. He didn’t know what project his staff were on for that day. The client was constantly calling Carl for progress updates. And, Carl was working on tasks that the client had verbally agreed to but no price had yet been discussed. Leading to nasty surprises.

The founders knew that Carl was in trouble. He needed help. And that’s when the idea of BuildVue was born. A software app that builders could use to help manage their projects, which would reduce their time spent on project management, reduce costs, and most importantly, stress.

Over the next seven months, the founders worked on the initial version of the BuildVue app, alongside Carl, to help make his life easier.

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Manage Projects

Effortlessly manage all your building projects with our user-friendly interface. Digitise your projects and store them in one centralised location for easy access. Keep track of current projects, mark completed ones, and easily retrieve past projects with just a few clicks.

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Client Updates

Keep your clients informed and up-to-date with real-time progress on their building projects using our BuildVue App. Whether they’re around the corner or on the other side of the world, they can log in at any time, day or night, to see what’s happening with their project. Plus, no more surprises – they’ll be alerted to any changes or extras in real time.

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Manage Workers

Stay on top of your team’s whereabouts and work with our clear workflow planning. Your staff will be able to arrive at a new job and get started right away, and you can increase accountability by allowing them to upload photos of their completed work. Keep everything organized and running smoothly with BuildVue.

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